A Guide to Boxing

Boxing has gained considerable popularity in the sporting world over the past few years. Besides the fun and thrill that you get in the ring, boxing also doubles up as a great workout to help improve physical fitness. There are many techniques which you need to learn for you to succeed in the sport.

Basics of Boxing


Among the first things that you need to learn is the basic boxing stance. It helps you to defend yourself and attack easily. The back heel and front toe should be on the center line with your dominant hand in the back. The feet should be spread a little wider than the width of your shoulders with your body weight distributed evenly.


As a beginner, you should try your best to master the pivot and step-drag maneuvers. As difficult as mastering your footwork may seem, it is essential that you learn it early as it plays a significant role in determining how your fights will turn out.


The entire sport has everything to do with punches, so it is only logical that you learn how to throw the different types of punches. You should learn how to utilize your body weight to deliver a hard blow without losing balance.

Famous Heavyweight Boxers

Many heavyweight boxers have achieved a lot of success in their boxing careers and gained a lot of fame in the process. Emulating some of them might help you achieve more success in your career. A few names that are undoubtedly the most recognizable ones in the sport include Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Evander Holyfield, Wladimir Klitschko, and Anthony Joshua.

Boxing Gym

You need to find a good boxing gym where you will undertake all the relevant training. Start by setting out particular goals that you wish to achieve, then look for a gym that can help you achieve them. Many gyms will charge a membership fee, meaning that you also need to consider your budget when choosing. Generally, the more equipment and trainers a gym has, the better.

Boxing Training

Boxing training incorporates a variety of workouts. You need to be consistent with practicing to get the most out of it. You should also identify some of your weaknesses and focus more on improving on them during the training sessions. You can hire a professional trainer to help you become an even better boxer.

You need to be patient during training but work as hard as you can to master the many different boxing techniques. Giving up when things get tough should not be an option. Remember to also invest in the right boxing equipment, including boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouthguards, headgear, and clothing.

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