Boxing training

Boxing as a sport has become quite competitive over the last few years. Achieving success requires a lot of hard work and dedication, especially during training sessions. One of the most successful individuals in the sport and a role model to many is the famous Anthony Joshua. Until recently, he was the world’s heavyweight champion, but he still holds Olympic gold. Ideally, training like Anthony Joshua might be the secret to achieving success in your boxing career. Below are a few workouts which he does, which you can also do.

Strength and Conditioning

As a successful boxer, you need to be able to throw heavy punches which can knock out your opponent. For this, you will have to work on your strength and conditioning. The exercises that you do for strength and conditioning should also focus on the legs in addition to the upper body. This is because most of the power that you generate for a punch comes from the legs. To help him with this, Joshua does a lot of squats and deadlifts. He also incorporates leg presses and plyometric jumps, all done with bursts of explosive speeds.

Core Strengthening

Fitness is crucial in boxing, especially if you intend to last a match which goes for many rounds. You need to have a solid core to achieve exceptional fitness. A strong core will also help you throw powerful punches in addition to improving your flexibility. The exercises to do to strengthen your core should include a lot of rotational movements. Anthony also includes planks and headstands, which works quite well.


The day of Anthony Joshua usually starts very early in the morning with a run, which helps him to build up his aerobic and cardio capacity. He spends more and more time working on his cardio as his next fight gets closer. Putting on his boxing gloves and taking some sparring sessions for long periods also helps a lot with cardio. The boxing industry is driven by gambling sponsorship and massive endorsements; athletes are thus expected to be in top shape to compete at the highest level.

Sand Pit

This is somewhat unconventional in the world of boxing, but it seems to work quite well for Joshua. It involves doing several training exercises in the sand. Given that the surface of the sand is uneven, the muscles in your legs will have to work much harder so that you remain nimble on your feet. The result is that you will be even more agile and have better stability in the boxing ring.

Part of Joshua’s success can also be attributed to being in the right mindset during training sessions and during the fights as well. To that end, you also need to train your mind to focus at all times.