Choosing a gym

With millions of gyms in existence today, it could be challenging to choose one which suits your fitness needs, and the fact that most of them are only slightly different makes it even more difficult. To make it easy for you to make a choice, here are some factors you will want to consider.

Gym Atmosphere

Yes, you don’t want to join a gym where you will get frightened seeing a gloomy Terminator-like guy. The key is to be at ease while working out; it should feel like you’re exercising in the basement of your house. Otherwise, it may not take long before you start thinking of quitting. Different gyms have varied atmospheres, which suit diverse populations. You will need to find one where there are like-minded people whom you will be comfortable working out with. As they say, discipline is key to success, but a suitable gym atmosphere will boost your motivation.


No one wants to spend two hours traveling to the gym and another two hours going back home. Bearing in mind that you may want to work out in the morning just before you leave for your job, or in the evening after work, you’ll not want to be late getting to work or home. Thus, it is essential that you choose a gym which you can easily access; it’s that simple.


Imagine going to the gym to work on a specific part of your body only to find that the equipment is not in order. Yes, the apparatus may have broken down, and that’s understandable, but how long does it take for the gym operator to repair or replace that vital machine? If the equipment has been out of order for a month or even weeks, it could be a telltale sign that the operator is pinching pennies.

Hours of Operation

It will be a huge pain to reach your destination very early in the morning only to realize the gym is not open yet. If you’re going to join, be sure that the hours of operation coincide with your workout program. A 24/7 gym would make the best bet as you will be able to get in and work out on your own terms.

Membership Fee

Will the gym offer value for your money? This is perhaps the most critical question you will want to ask yourself before parting with your payment. Most gym enthusiasts won’t mind spending a few extra pennies on membership so long as they get their money’s worth. At a minimum, the gym should have top-notch equipment and friendly staff. It is undoubtedly only common sense that no one will want to pay for something which looks like a cave with run-down machines, scattered all over the place.