Famous heavy weight boxing matches

There are few things more exciting than watching two heavyweight athletes fight each other in the boxing ring. It can often seem difficult to pick out the best ones when there have been so many over the decades. Despite this, there are several matches that are worthy of being singled out as highlights in this sport.

Rocky Marciano And Joe Walcott, 1952

Joe Walcott was very tactical in the way he competed in matches. Meanwhile, Rocky Marciano was unrefined, with a short reach but dangerous lunges. Marciano’s height certainly gave him a disadvantage.

For much of the fight, Walcott laid into his opponent and appeared to be close to victory. Despite this, Marciano gave as good as he got and the latter half of the match became a back and forth affair. By round 10 Walcott’s stamina was being chipped away and he was slowing considerably. He came back stronger in the next round and looked like he might win instead.

The thing that makes this fight stand out is the amazing one punch knock-out in the 13th round. Marciano was the winner and soon established himself as a legend in boxing. The match was dramatic even by today’s standards.

George Foreman And Ron Lyle, 1976

George Foreman is a titan in the boxing industry. In recent years he has become known for his commentary on the sport. For instance, he gave a fitting tribute to the late Muhammad Ali. However, Foreman himself also deserves to be remembered for his own exciting matches.

His battle with Ron Lyle stands out in particular. After suffering a defeat at the hands of Muhammad Ali, Foreman returned to the sport with this spectacular comeback. It became an aggressive fight where both competitors had each other on the ropes. Round 4 stands out as one of the best in the entire history of boxing. Foreman was knocked down twice. However, in round 5 he retained his composure and cornered Lyle, winning the match.

Floyd Patterson And Ingemar Johansson, 1961

Floyd Patterson made a name for himself at the 1952 Olympics where he won a gold medal. When he entered the heavyweight professional scene he was taught a peek-a-boo technique which proved to be risky but effective. By the age of 21, he had become the youngest heavyweight champion boxing had ever seen.

On the other side, Ingemar Johansson had a fast and heavy right hand which was known as Thor’s Hammer. Early into the 1961 fight, it appeared that Patterson was in trouble. By the end of round 1, he had already been dropped twice. However, in the next round, Patterson shot back and knocked Johansson down. He continued a relentless attack that exhausted his opponent’s famous right hand. In round 6 Johansson was down for the count.