Famous heavy weight fighters

There was a time in the past when a thrilling boxing match between renowned heavyweight champions would have people eagerly glued to their screens waiting to see who would win this epic bout. Admittedly, the game at that time was more than the intrigues of the sport itself. It was more about the many personalities involved. Some of the famous heavyweight fighters of all time include the following.

Muhammed Ali

He was once called the “greatest boxer” in the world, and his many wins solidified that fact. Ali became a three-time World Champion in the heavyweight category. In 1960, during the summer Olympics, he bagged gold in the light heavyweight division. When he refused to take part in the Vietnam war, he was stripped of the heavyweight title and got a four-year suspension from boxing for refusing to represent his country. As soon as this ban was lifted, he fought in what was dubbed “the fight of the century” but his opponent Joe Frazier won. He regained the title of heavyweight champion by beating George Foreman in 1974.

Floyd Mayweather

Born in 1977, Mayweather is among the most famous boxers who fought in the heavyweight category. He has graced the front pages of many sports magazines internationally, and he is known for his tact and defensive nature during fights. There is undoubtedly no denying that boxers such as Mayweather who is famous for promoting himself and his gambling lifestyle set high standards in their boxing careers. He was cited as one of the best-paid sportsmen in the world.

Mike Tyson

Tyson’s career in the heavyweight boxing category was marred with controversy both in the ring and outside. His career started in 1985, and he dominated the field for close to 20 years. In the 50 fights he had, he only lost six, and he would have probably had an even more flourishing career had it not been for a prison sentence he served for rape. He was nicknamed “Iron” for his vicious fighting style. Even though his career was shaped by a lot of drama, he is still arguably one of the most talented heavyweight boxers the world has had.

Evander Holyfield

His determination and discipline are what made him stand out as a great heavyweight fighter. His first title came in 1990 when he won in the third round by winning against Buster Douglas. From there, he had a series of matches, some of which he won. One of his most reported fights was one with Tyson when Tyson is said to have bit his ear in an event which created a lot of talk in the boxing world. In 1996, he won against Tyson in the 11th round.